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SEOPOLY® is a boardgame we developed in-house at Sherlock SEO AgencyIt was 2017 when we created a visual as a way to explain SEO strategy to our clients. We kept explaining ‘what is SEO’. And while most people believe SEO is all about keywords and Links (which it is) there is so much more to it.

I could not have actually built this game without the help of the SEO community . We actually built a real physical SEO boardgame within three weeks. This was never meant to be but it has been a great ride so far. We even played at Brighton SEO! We receive a lot of support and love from our fellow SEO’s. I want to explicitly thank Arnout, Kate and Julia for pushing me in this adventure! 🙏

“Fun game to get a glimpse of SEO”

Martin Splitt – Google Webmaster Trends Analyst

“SEOPOLY® is the only educational SEO I like playing a lot. Difficult and simple questions alike, just gets Devs and Marketeers thinking SEO. I thoroughly enjoyed playing it in Brighton.”
Arnout Hellemans – Search & Analytics CRO specialist

How do I play the SEO boardgame?

As a boardgame SEOPOLY® is combination of Mad, monopoly and trivial pursuit. The game mirrors the inner workings of the search engine algorithms. When you start your online journey you have no money and you need to gain knowledge and rankings along the way.

Page 2 (position 12) is your starting position. You try to climb the SERP by answering questions. For every question you receive points and money. There are technical, content and promotional points to gain. The one who owns 4 points in each category first wins the game of SEO. 

But beware because travelling the SERP’s is not without hazards. The search engines themselves are amongst the most volatile creatures you will meet. You enter in fierce duels with your friends and you might loose all your money or your points at once. 

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How to use SEOPOLY® in your business

SEOPOLY® is the ideal SEO strategy framework to explain or sell SEO to your clients. It is used as a training for your junior SEO’s or client teams. 

Are you new to SEO? Read the SEOPOLY® e-book for more information (download here). 

What's next?

First and foremost I want to thank everyone who has been so supportive for this initiative and we hope to share new updates soon. We are still taking orders until we reach 100 orders. From the first 100 orders we will give away one game to a lucky buyer. If you have bought the game and sent in a chance card quote via Twitter you will probably end up in the actual game.

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SEOPOLY® Giveaway!

Hello SEOPOLISTS! It’s Giveaway Time! You can participate by buying the game via the form above or by sharing our content on social media. Don’t forget to tag us so we can add you to the giveaway selection process. We will randomly choose one recipient that fulfilled the conditions and privately contact him on how to receive his free game. Let the Games of SEOPOLY® begin. 

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